Bottle Size:750 ml

Price:On Request

  Crystal Head
Crystal Head Vodka is a pure spirit made in Newfoundland, Canada, from deep glacier aquifer water. It is a pure Vodka with absolutely no additives, no sugar, no citrus oil, no glycol.
Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple-distilled. As a final stage it is filtered through 500-million-year old Herkimer Diamonds. That is why Crystal Head Vodka is likely the purest spirit in the world.
Any classic Vodka drink tastes even better mixed with Crystal Head Vodka just because it is so pure... naturally. We recommend that you enjoy Crystal Head Vodka pure... with or without ice... but definitely out of the special Crystal Head Vodka Glasses!
Crystal Head Vodka won the Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2011.

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