Continental Sales Emporium Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest customs bonded warehouses of Delhi. The licence for the above is dated from 1969. CSE specialises in dealing in a wide range of wines, alcohols, beverages, cigarettes and food items all imported.

The Company was converted from a partnership to a private limited company in 2003 with new directors and new management.

The Company was originally only into selling duty-free items to Embassies and Hotels. Now it has expanded to distribute the imported wines and other goods to duty paid areas as well as sales to duty free.

We have an office in Goa and are selling our wines and beverages in Haryana, Himachal, Rajasthan and Punjab. We are also planning to open a full fledged office in Kolkata to sell our goods in the eastern part of the country.

Apart from the routine stocks of all imported alcohols we specialize in Italian wines. We are the sole distributors of many Companies and are in the process of expanding our variety of goods available for sale in India.

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